Two wheels good. Four wheels bad

Bicycle people are nice people, car people are fascists

Citizens from countries that use bicycles in disproportionate numbers tend to be the most tolerant and free-spirited.image

The letters page of The Irish Times has recently been entertaining a debate about the menace that careering cyclists pose to poor wee drivers and their delicate metal carriages. One correspondent, annoyed by poor behaviour from the cycling community, has suggested that number plates be mandatory for all users of the two-wheeled engines of death (my facetious words, not hers). Read article

One thought on “Two wheels good. Four wheels bad”

  1. Hi all

    I personally would go along with the statement. As a long time cyclist I would say that the statement is true in so far as we have been the second class commuter for so long. We are more tolerent as we have to be. We are more patient as we have to be. I do so long for the time that we are aforded the same respect and treatment as we get in Holland.

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