Cycling Campaigners Launch Promotional Videos

As part of hosting the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) annual delegate conference, the largest gathering of cycling experts and advocates from around Europe in 2014, the Dublin Cycling Campaign, in partnership with Dublin City Council, has launched a series of cycling promotional videos.  The Dublin City Manager, Mr. Owen Keegan, launched the videos at a reception at the Wood Quay Venue at the Civic Offices in Dublin at 18:30 h.

A series of five promotional videos have been produced to promote everyday cycling as a normal way of life in our city. See example:

“The bicycle has to move to centre-stage in terms of being transport of choice for everyday use over short distances in our city. The Dublin Cycling Campaign is calling for a paradigm-shift in the way people think about cycling. These videos help to promote that,” said Dr. Mike McKillen, spokesman for the Dublin Cycling Campaign.

“We must all work together to ensure the government’s NCPF (2009) target of 10% of daily trips will be made by bike by 2020 and that many more children will cycle to school,” McKillen added.

There is no other form of infrastructure project that delivers the same economic and social return as cycling. This point has been made repeatedly by the ECF delegates at the conference. A great example of this is the success of the Mayo Greenway. More people cycling, means more people active and healthy, which in turn means less health expenditure on dealing with overweight/obesity, diabetes, etc. Studies in Holland have shown that cycling an average 30 minutes each day can add ten years to your life expectancy.

Irish Film Maker, Paddy Cahill, made the five short films. Paddy is the co-creator of the ‘Cycling with ….’ Series. []

“I really enjoyed making these videos, following Dubliners as they go about their daily lives and where cycling is a part of that. It’s something I can relate to myself and I hope these videos will reach out to others. I’d love to see more and more Dubliners getting on bikes as part of daily life. Dublin really is such a great city to get around by bike and for health and lifestyle reason, cycling in Dublin makes sense,” said Cahill.

For more information contact: Dr. Mike McKillen, Chairperson, and Dublin Cycling Campaign spokesperson, [email protected]; 087-231 46 13 and Film Maker, Paddy Cahill, [email protected], 087-90 81 416