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Commuters heading to work, London, Britain - 5 Feb 2014Cyclist.ie has contacted many Local Election 2014 candidates (party candidates as we don’t have email contacts for the 341 non-party ones) to invite them to take a survey questionnaire about cycling promotion and what role they will play in their areas, if elected, to achieve the NCPF (2009) goal of 10% of daily trips to be made by bike by 2020.

A similar survey has been sent to the EU Parliament candidates but focussing on what measures can be implemented at EU level. Our colleagues in the London Cycling Campaign are also involved in a campaign to influence local election candidates in the 32 London boroughs. The Guardian bike-blog has the details.

Local politicians must make space for cyclists on London’s roads

Short cycle trips to the shops and to school shouldn’t be forbidding, says the London Cycle Campaign. LCC director Ashok Sinha stated: “People often tell me that we can’t match the best of Europe, because London is much bigger than cities such as Amsterdam or Copenhagen. But London is famously a collection of villages – every single town centre can be its own Amsterdam. And just as splashes of ink on blotting paper spread and connect, so too will we grow space for cycling everywhere in London by seeding it in every ward in every borough. Indeed, we can do the same in all our great cities”.

It’s exactly what we need in our cities too. If you know the email contact for any of the non-party or Independent candidates please message them to us here.

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