Gardaí urged to make cycle lanes and tracks safe for use

Dublin Cycling Campaign “liberated” a section of cycle lane on Ranelagh Road (near Elmpark Avenue) between 8.30 and 9.30am this morning to highlight the issue of illegal parking in cycle lanes and the danger this poses to people travelling by bike. This problem is well known to anyone who cycles regularly in Dublin yet the Gardai only managed nationally to issue 144 fines to drivers who parked illegally in cycle lanes in all of 2014. When a cycle lane is blocked it forces people on bikes to veer into the main stream of traffic. This is particularly problematic and scary for children and those new to urban cycling.

Dublin Cycling Campaign recently started the Twitter campaign #FreeTheCycleLanes @Dublincycling to highlight the issue. Hundreds of instances of illegal parking in cycle lanes/clearways Dublin Cycling Campaignduring their period of operation have been posted already., the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, recently met with An Garda Síochána to discuss the planned introduction of on-the-spot fines for a range of cycling offences on the 1st August. They raised the issue of fly-parking in cycling lanes and the lack of enforcement. The Garda response was that they are reluctant to target drivers who park illegally because the drivers are trying to make the city work economically – for deliveries, etc. and the Gardaí get a lot of complaints from businesses, business associations, truck drivers, taxis and transport companies about strict enforcement of this regulation.

“The Gardaí are using discretionary policing to allow motorists to park willy-nilly in cycle lanes, rather than considering how to make the roads safer for people who cycle…….or might cycle if conditions were more conducive” says Keith Byrne, Chair of the Dublin Cycling Campaign.

Dublin Cycling Campaign is calling for serious issues of speeding, dangerous overtaking and parking in cycle lanes to be addressed in a way that will make Irish roads safe and attractive environments in managedwhich to walk or cycle for people of all ages and abilities.

Dublin Cycling Campaign is an independent, voluntary group lobbying local and national government to bring about improved conditions for cyclists and greater recognition of the benefits of cycling.


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